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Born and raised in Kenya, with South Asian ancestry, this Team Member is on his journey to becoming a dynamic Pharmacist.

For Ankit Patel, being diverse organically exists at his core. Social cohesion and collaborative growth has always been his approach to life. Speaking three languages from a very tender age helped him to establish these values and customs. Likewise, sports such as Cricket and Rock Climbing has enabled Ankit to effortlessly integrate into different environments.

“In a team, you are as strong as your weakest member”. Ankit exemplifies a desire to improve each element of a whole.

Thanks to his parents, Ankit has opened his mind to travelling where and when possible. Ankit is profoundly appreciative of his experiences, visiting over 20 different countries already. Canada is now a strong contender for his next stage in life – a career post study!

Ankit is ambitious and adventurous. Latin America is the only continent he is yet to touch, so it tops his list of cultures to indulge in.

It made perfect sense for Ankit to study a Masters of Pharmacy degree. Having a scientific brain coupled with a passion for healthcare, brought Ankit to the UK. In his final year, Ankit designed and developed a project to optimise orally disintegrating tablets. This should be of no surprise. Since he continues to excel at laboratory work, so the research has shown positive results so far.

Ankit defines a wealth of life experiences, combining a dynamic mind-set and a strong ability to be adaptable. Despite a challenging second year of university, leading to a temporary setback, Ankit fully prepared for a comeback.

Making use of his additional spare time, Ankit began to build and expand his character profile, so that he could transform into who he is today. From playing the guitar, to learning a fourth language (French) because it would evolve his skill-set, he went for it! Even discovering an interest in skateboarding, therefore rounding him off even more. Personal development was a goal set and met.

Living by the phase “Positivity is key”, Ankit decided to flip a negative situation in his favour. He approached the year with a constructive attitude rather than a defeated one.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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