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Our Team Leader is a Global Speaker, who has transformed from Student to Entrepreneur.

Before self employment, Olivia D Hinds attended a UK based Grammar School, then studied International Business and Spanish at Aston University.  Given the opportunity to work abroad, Olivia’s time in Mexico City allowed her to think about her purpose. During her undergraduate degree, within the first two years, Olivia was a Math Tutor but since graduating she now offers a lot more to students.

Olivia has a vast experience of engaging with students and is now sharing her platform. She pulls up, as she rises up because collaboration is more effective than competition. As a team leader, Olivia is creating a network of young leaders to engage with the next generation. She believes that students are our future leaders, therefore we should work together to upgrade their thinking to growth mindsets.

Lesson: Do not let your circumstances be the excuses for why you cannot succeed. Instead make them the reasons why you can and will be a success.

Olivia thoroughly understands the peaks and troughs of student life but she remains driven to achieve. Hence why she is striving towards having a positive impact on students, globally. It is time for them to fail fast and fail forward. With what she knows, Olivia is set to change the narrative on teaching and learning.

As one of life’s eternal students, Olivia has set herself a new challenge – to become trilingual, by adding Japanese to her linguistic skills. She is also an Accredited Governance Practitioner, so she works to support students strategically.

Every challenge is an opportunity to improve the lives of others. Olivia thinks of how she can always move young people forward. This platform is an example of her goals and legacy in progress. Together, we are being the change that we want to see, so get in touch.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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