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Planning and execution lead to new levels of success. Our Team Member knows how to live healthy and have a wealth of experiences.

Whether you are thinking about a trip somewhere, a change of habits or need to refocus on what is important, Andrea Anastasiou is the ‘go to’ person. As well as achieving top grades at School/College, Andrea gained some early experience in the Real Estate industry. She explored admin and negotiation skills at the age of 19, in a family owned sales and letting company.

Andrea earned a Scholarship, when she joined Aston Business School to study her undergraduate degree. She has a natural linguistic flair, since she speaks English, Greek and was learning Spanish. At University, she then picked up Brazilian Portuguese. Choosing a course that integrated Languages and International Business, she enjoyed a robust learning experience to propel forward.

Take a classy professional and a social butterfly. Well, that would be Andrea. She is both creative and analytical. Her optimism is backed up by an unwavering determination to achieve the targets set. Andrea has a First Class Honours degree and multiple awards, so she is the kind of person that students can absorb empowering energy from. With a thirst for new experiences, her growth is unquestionable. Moving to Madrid, Spain for 12 months to work in Deutsche Bank was like a rebirth for Andrea. She is passionate and committed to short-term challenges to accomplish long term goals. “The unknown is refreshing”.

Andrea breathes life into those she interacts with. Whilst stimulating the minds of others, she finds harmony through fitness. So has mastered how to fully recharge, physically! Andrea faces obstacles everyday but makes a conscious effort to overcome them. Sometimes you have to change your space, to endure the race.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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