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From American Football to Baking, Customer and Citizen Service to Accountancy. Our youngest Team Member is full of ambition and is a strong role model for others.

Tyge Ible is confident, enthusiastic and extremely hardworking. As a young man, he has taken an early lead in exploring the Business world. Tyge has developed skills in creating and bringing products to the marketplace. But also, he makes a positive contribution to the community. Tyge has built solid interpersonal skills through completing the National Citizen Service qualification. Hence why he is a welcomed member of this team. Tyge advocates for the growth of other young people, like him.

Participating in a sport is more than just a hobby for Tyge. American Football, a deep passion of his, and Kickboxing experience, has made him more focussed. Tyge has a drive for success. He has evolved over the years, and so channelling his energy in a positive way has credited his character.

Tyge is always learning something new. Therefore, his personal growth takes a major leap each time. If sports was not enough, Tyge has recently started playing the Tenor Saxophone. With every step beyond the comfort zone, as a result Tyge is expanding his skill-set. He continues to be an example to others, like your students.

Accountancy and Finance is the main career goal that Tyge is reaching for. So that explains his determination to understand Business and the numbers involved. At College level, Tyge has successfully completed an Association of Accounting Technicians Diploma. So now, he is working on moving further upwards.

At each stage of his life, Tyge is ready for a challenge. Most of all, Tyge is articulate and engaging, so willing to inform another on how to aspire. His delivery is with precision, and so Tyge defines the saying: “Each one, Teach one”.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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