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Our Team Leader is a Global Speaker, who has transformed from Student to Entrepreneur.

Before self employment, Olivia D Hinds attended a UK based Grammar School, then studied International Business and Spanish at Aston University.  Given the opportunity to work abroad, Olivia’s time in Mexico City allowed her to think about her purpose. During her undergraduate degree, within the first two years, Olivia was a Math Tutor but since graduating she now offers a lot more to students.

Olivia has a vast experience of engaging with students and is now sharing her platform. She pulls up, as she rises up because collaboration is more effective than competition. As a team leader, Olivia is creating a network of young leaders to engage with the next generation. She believes that students are our future leaders, therefore we should work together to upgrade their thinking to growth mindsets.

Lesson: Do not let your circumstances be the excuses for why you cannot succeed. Instead make them the reasons why you can and will be a success.

Olivia thoroughly understands the peaks and troughs of student life but she remains driven to achieve and evolve her service offering to young people in general. Hence why she is striving towards having a positive impact on students, globally. It is time for them to fail fast and fail forward. With what she knows, Olivia is set to change the narrative on teaching and learning.

As one of life’s eternal students, Olivia has set herself a new challenge – to become trilingual, by adding Japanese to her linguistic skills. She is also an Accredited Governance Practitioner, so she works to support students strategically.

Every challenge is an opportunity to improve the lives of others. Olivia thinks of how she can always move young people forward. This platform is an example of her goals and legacy in progress. Together, we are being the change that we want to see, so get in touch.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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BIO COMING SOON! More information about this Team Member will be here in due course.


Planning and execution lead to new levels of success. Our Team Member knows how to live healthy and have a wealth of experiences.

Whether you are thinking about a trip somewhere, a change of habits or need to refocus on what is important, Andrea Anastasiou is the ‘go to’ person. As well as achieving top grades at School/College, Andrea gained some early experience in the Real Estate industry. She explored admin and negotiation skills at the age of 19, in a family owned sales and letting company.

Andrea earned a Scholarship, when she joined Aston Business School to study her undergraduate degree. She has a natural linguistic flair, since she speaks English, Greek and was learning Spanish. At University, she then picked up Brazilian Portuguese. Choosing a course that integrated Languages and International Business, she enjoyed a robust learning experience to propel forward.

Take a classy professional and a social butterfly. Well, that would be Andrea. She is both creative and analytical. Her optimism is backed up by an unwavering determination to achieve the targets set. Andrea has a First Class Honours degree and multiple awards, so she is the kind of person that students can absorb empowering energy from. With a thirst for new experiences, her growth is unquestionable. Moving to Madrid, Spain for 12 months to work for Deutsche Bank was like a rebirth for Andrea. She is passionate and committed to short-term challenges to accomplish long term goals. “The unknown is refreshing”.

Andrea breathes life into those she interacts with. Whilst stimulating the minds of others, she finds harmony through fitness. So has mastered how to fully recharge, physically! Andrea faces obstacles everyday but makes a conscious effort to overcome them. Sometimes you have to change your space, to endure the race.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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BIO COMING SOON! More information about this Team Member will be here in due course.


He is not simply travelling the world but fully integrating himself into the countries. This Team Member appreciates and understands the cultures he engages with.

From a young age, Axel Dejean learned the importance of languages. Early on, Axel was bilingual, as he spoke English at school and French at home. Building his cultural foundation, Axel felt very fortunate to be able to flow between two different tongues. Learning a third language was a no brainer, so Axel befriended Spanish in his teens and enriched his linguistic skills. The goal to be trilingual was set in motion.

Recognising the opportunities that could arise from travelling, Axel listened to his family’s advice to do so. He is always looking for his next adventure and strives to improve his language skills whenever he can. Most importantly, Axel practises empathy with those from different walks of life, so he is adept, agile and adaptable to any environment.

The world really is at his fingertips. So Axel is a sound example to students, on how to make new places become your comfort zone. By sharing his experiences, Axel enriches the lives of others. He opens their eyes and minds to the possibilities. Your only limit is your mind. Therefore, a degree in International Business and Spanish, with Portuguese, was very attractive. Axel combined his passion for languages and travelling, with business knowledge, so he has evolved personally and professionally.

Axel continues to develop and grow as an all-embracing individual. His heart is clearly in Latin American, since he has journeyed through several Central and South American countries including Peru, Cuba, and then Mexico too. In Brazil, he even taught English as a second language. Axel has lived in Chile, working for more than nine months at the British-Chilean Chamber of Commerce. India is on his list too.

Axel enjoys connecting with new and different people. He is ideal to support students who are ready to take on the world.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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From American Football to Baking, Customer and Citizen Service to Accountancy. Our youngest Team Member is full of ambition and is a strong role model for others.

Tyge Ible is confident, enthusiastic and extremely hardworking. As a young man, he has taken an early lead in exploring the Business world. Tyge has developed skills in creating and bringing products to the marketplace. But also, he makes a positive contribution to the community. Tyge has built solid interpersonal skills through completing the National Citizen Service qualification. Hence why he is a welcomed member of this team. Tyge advocates for the growth of other young people, like him.

Participating in a sport is more than just a hobby for Tyge. American Football, a deep passion of his, and Kickboxing experience, has made him more focussed. Tyge has a drive for success. He has evolved over the years, and so channelling his energy in a positive way has credited his character.

Tyge is always learning something new. Therefore, his personal growth takes a major leap each time. If sports was not enough, Tyge has recently started playing the Tenor Saxophone. With every step beyond the comfort zone, as a result Tyge is expanding his skill-set. He continues to be an example to others, like your students.

Accountancy and Finance is the main career goal that Tyge is reaching for. So that explains his determination to understand Business and the numbers involved. At College level, Tyge has successfully completed an Association of Accounting Technicians Diploma. So now, he is working on moving further upwards.

At each stage of his life, Tyge is ready for a challenge. Most of all, Tyge is articulate and engaging, so willing to inform another on how to aspire. His delivery is with precision, and so Tyge defines the saying: “Each one, Teach one”.

Are you ready to grow? Let’s keep learning! If you believe you can do it, you will make it!

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